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 Software Applications

  • PABX IP Call Data Recorder - Logs information from your networked PABX to a SQL database and provides some reporting on incoming and outgoing call information. Dialled numbers are classified into call cost groups based on the number prefix, and approximate call costs are then displayed in reports.

  • WheelTime Battery Capacity Tester - Communicates with a Times-7 Sport WheelTime data recorder and calculates the battery capacity.
  • JPG SlideShow - Instantly creates a slideshow of all JPG image files in a folder & sub-folders.
  • Pelco-D Camera Controller - Controls a PTZ camera with proportional speed, preset & OSD Menu buttons etc.

  • Files Of Interest -  A program to search your computer for files, based on a list of extensions, and copy them to somewhere else...

  • NMEA $GPRMC & DST Simulator -  Click to find out more...



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