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  • Virus Tracking Info

    Track the latest virus detection information from Trend Micro.

  • Link to NZ Freeview Channels

     - Much to my surprise, UHF & Satellite channels are not exactly the same! Satellite has no "TrackSide", UHF has no Cue, Te Reo, Shine TV and George FM.

  • Microsoft Updates

    Ensure your computer has the latest security updates from Microsoft.

  • Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

    Open Office2007 and later files in Office2003

  • Microsoft Security Essentials

    Free anti-virus software from Microsoft.

  • Person Lookup  and a car lookup CarJam

    Information gathered from public & govt. resources.

  • SleepMe-Hidden.EXE

    A program we wrote to sleep a Windows7 computer, except on Sundays - which is when backups should be run... Use as your ScreenSaver to sleep your computer after a time (Rename the EXE to SCR and save to your C:\Windows\System32\ folder.

  • SleepMe-Console.EXE

    - Shows console messages while trying to put the computer to sleep. Use to debug why the "SleepMe-Hidden" program may not be working... You will need to run once as Administrator as it disables the Windows "Hibernate" feature so the sleep command doesn't go to sleep too deeply.

  • A nice little Java based circuit simulator

     by Paul Falstad
    Circuit Simulator
    Circuits can be sent as a hyperlink eg.
    My discrete AND gate

  • One of the many domain name NSLOOKUP tools

     and here's their WHOIS tool

  • Are you seeing Event ID 2017 messages in the Windows 7 System Event Log

     saying something like:
    "The server was unable to allocate from the system nonpaged pool because the server reached the configured limit for nonpaged pool allocations."
    It appears Windows 7's file sharing functionality has been crippled...
    Set this registry key to "1":
    HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\LargeSystemCache
    and this registry key to "3":
    and now reboot your computer.

  • PS-423-SR LJ44-00068A  Turns off (protection) after 10 seconds

    A fault in the Samsung / Philips / Hyundai etc. PS-423-SR LJ44-00068A plasma TV power supply board. TV powers up when AC is plugged in but turns off after about 10 seconds. Red "THEM_DET" LED comes on showing protection has activated. Hard to find a service manual for this specific power supply but this info may help you, if Google picks it up... We stock a suitable replacement diode, check out the Products page.

    On the subject of Samsung equipment & power supplies, we can repair PSU-B (PSU60B) and SKP 100DPS-V3 (PSU) power supplies from older Samsung phone systems. Please contact us for a quote on repairs...

  • PS-424-PH LJ44-00101C Repair Tips

    Link to a PDF file...

  • Computer is realllllly slow to start, won't connect to the Internet

     and Event Log service (and possible many other services) won't start. Open a Command Prompt as Administrator, run NETSH WINSOCK RESET and reboot the computer. TaDaaaa...

  • Reinstall TCP/IP Drivers on Windows 7

    Run NETSH INT IP RESET & reboot the computer

  • Getting error messages about Normaliz.DLL file missing

    - Due to a corrupt IE7 installation.
    Click on OK to get rid of the messages (if your USB mouse/keyboard don't work, use PS/2 mouse and keyboard)
    Press CTRL-ALT-DEL and select Task Manager
    Click File/Run and type in C:\Windows\IE7\Spuninst\Spuninst.exe and uninstall it...
    Wait... and reboot when done

  • Outlook IMAP Deletion Issues:

    It's good that Outlook does not forever delete messages immediately in IMAP accounts. That allows for easy undeletion. It also allows for messages to accumulate, however, and for folders to grow bigger and bigger — until you purge deleted items. Now, you can do that on your own from time to time (once a week should be enough). Or you let Outlook do it automatically.
    Automatic Purging's Dangers
    ou do lose a bit of the safety net, though: there's no guarantee that a message will be recoverable for a certain time. Whenever you change folders, all the deleted items in the folder you left have just been purged.
    Purge Deleted Messages Automatically in Outlook (2007 + later)
    To have Outlook purge messages marked for deletion automatically when you leave a folder:
        + Select or Open a folder in the IMAP email account you want to setup for automatic purging
        + Select Edit | Purge | Purge Options... from the Outlook menu
        +Make sure Purge items when switching folders while online is checked
        + Click OK

  • How to test SMTP operations using Telnet

    1. Telnet into Exchange server hosting IMS service using TCP port 25.
    Command is telnet <servername> 25

    2. Turn on local echo on your telnet client so that you can see what you are typing.
    On Win 9x and NT 3.5/4.0 Telnet client this done by selecting the "preferences" from the "terminal" pull down menu, and checking the local echo radio button. For Windows 2000 telnet client, issue command "set local_echo", from the telnet command prompt.

    3. Issue the following smtp command sequence

    helo <your domain name><enter>
    response should be as follows
    250 OK

    mail from: <your Email Address><enter>
    response should be as follows
    250 OK - mail from <your Email address>

    rcpt to: <recipient address><enter>
    response should be as follows
    250 OK - Recipient <recipient address>

    response should be as follows
    354 Send data. End with CRLF.CRLF

    To: <recipient's display name><enter>
    From: <your display name><enter>
    Subject: <Subject field of Email message><enter>
    <Enter you body text><enter><enter> . <enter>

    response should be as follows
    250 OK


  • Internet Explorer is REALLY slow to bring up some pages - Google (text-only page) may be OK but others may take a couple of minutes to load.

    • Uninstall Adobe Shockwave
    • Uninstall Adobe Flash
    • Reboot the computer
    • Reinstall both programs...

  • Set Gmail root folder in Outlook

    How to set the root folder in Outlook for a better display of the Gmail labels...

  • Prolific USB-Serial Drivers

  • Add a bluetooth module to the MINI60 HF Antenna Analyser
    And get it working on Android

  • Veon VN2280LED-V2 saying "SCAN-DO NOT POWER OFF"

So the TV would power on and says SCAN-DO NOT POWER OFF with a bar-graph going from 0-100% repeatedly. It would eventually display the TV programs after many hours of this scanning. Fault appears to be due to a bad SPI EEPROM on it's T.MSD309.3C mainboard. Click HERE to download/SaveAs the EEPROM code .BIN file (for NZ Freeview) so you can program a new one yourself. Contact me if you want a pre-programmed EEPROM... Also known to work on a Vivo LEDTV24FHDF TV that has the same mainboard.

  • Temporary Profile Loaded when you logon to Windows10

    Add another administrator account and run Regedit
    Browse to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CV\ProfileList
    Find your profile, probably renamed with .bak so remove .bak
    Find RefCountKey, change value from 0 to 1 & reboot

  • Locked Out Of Windows?

    1.Start your PC off the USB / DVD that contains the Windows install media
    2.Once loaded, press Shift+F10. This will open a command prompt
    3.Run the following commands in order:
        list vol

    4.Once you find the right volume (your C: drive (it may have a different drive letter)), run exit
    5.Now, run D: where D is your drive letter.
    6.Run cd \Windows\System32
    7.Run ren Utilman.exe Utilman_old.exe
    8.Run copy cmd.exe Utilman.exe
    10.Once you get to the logon screen, click the Accessibility Options icon. Once the Command Prompt opens, run these commands, replacing user_to_change with the user you want to reset the password of:
    net user user_to_change *
    Enter a new password, enter it again (you won't see it) and log in. You can now go back to C:\Windows\System32 and delete the Utilman.exe that we made, and rename Utilman_old.exe to Utilman.exe

  • So your AKAI EIE Pro has VU meters slammed to the right and they have RED colour LED backlight. Click HERE for more information...

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