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Welcome to the JTElectronics company web site where we can resolve your technology problems. We specialise in many areas of the computer and electronics fields including:

  • Internet and wide-area-network connectivity
  • Computers and peripheral equipment repair / installation and configuration
  • Computer software development
  • Freeview / digital TV aerial installation and television installation & tuning
    • Hawkes Bay television transmission went digital on the 30th September 2012. All TV's that don't have built-in Freeview will need an external Freeview decoder, Igloo, or SKY box. 
    • Your old DVD / VCR recorders will not work after the digital TV switchover - consider looking into a digital recorder.
    • Get an external UHF aerial installed. The "rabbits ears" type internal aerials being sold generally don't give an adequate signal strength, you will experience frequent picture and sound failure.

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